2017 Board of Directors

Number Category Representing Name Email
1 Agriculture Virginia State Dairymen's Association Eric Paulson eric@vsdaonline.com
2 Agriculture Virginia Poultry Federation Hobey Bauhan hobey@vapoultry.com
3 Conservation Group Trout Unlimited Tom Benzing benzintr@jmu.edu
4 Conservation Group Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River John Eckman john.eckman@fnfsr.org
5 Conservation Group White House Farm Foundation Chris Anderson canderson2011@hotmail.com
6 Education James Madison University Jim Herrick jbherrick@gmail.com
7 Education Rockingham County Schools Tammy Stone tstone@rockingham.k12.va.us
8 Industry MillerCoors Jeff Rinker Jeffry.Rinker@MillerCoors.com
9 Industry Merck    
10 Industry/Agriculture Cargill Will Ingram william_ingram@cargill.com
11 Local Government Shenandoah Valley Soil & Water Conservation District Charlie Newton cnewt111@gmail.com
12 Local Government Headwaters Soil & Water Conservation District Otis Bilkins bilkinop@cfw.com
13 Local Government Lord Fairfax Soil & Water Conservation District Mary Gessner maryg@shentel.net
14 Local Government Augusta County Service Authority Jean Andrews jandrews@co.augusta.va.us
Ex officio*   VA Dept. of Conservation & Recreation Jim Echols  Jim.Echols@dcr.virginia.gov
Ex officio*   VA Dept. of Environmental Quality Nesha McRae Nesha.Mcrae@deq.virginia.gov
      Tara Sieber Tara.Sieber@deq.virginia.gov
Ex officio*   VA Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries Brad Fink Brad.Fink@dgif.virginia.gov
      Paul Bugas Paul.Bugas@dgif.virginia.gov
Ex officio*   VA Dept. of Forestry Joe Lehnen Joe.Lehnen@dof.virginia.gov
Ex officio*   US Forest Service Stephanie Chapman slchapman@fs.fed.us

 *Ex officio positions are non-voting and are appointed by their respective agencies.

2014 Pure Water Forum Board

2017 Executive Committee

Name Office Email
Jim Herrick President herricjb@jmu.edu
Chris Anderson Vice President canderson2011@hotmail.com
John Eckman Treasurer john.eckman@fnfsr.org
Charlie Newton Secretary cnewt111@gmail.com
John McCloskey Immediate Past President jamccloskey7@gmail.com
Laura Naftel President Elect (moves to President, Jan. 2018) sixnaftels@comcast.net