2016 White House Farm Native Plant Trail

Rudbeckia Hirta - Photo by Chris Anderson   With rain the day before, we had a great day to install the plants along the river trail at the White House Farm this past fall. We concentrated along the middle section of the trail, planting a mixture of wildflowers and shrubs obtained from Hill House Nursery in Castleton, Virginia.

This is the third major installation of additional native shrubs and wildflowers along the river trail and each group builds on the efforts of previous volunteers to enhance this stretch of the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. By increasing the variety and number of native plants, we are supporting a more diverse ecosystem by providing food and habitat for insects, birds and mammals. Many of the wildflowers we plant are particularly suited to providing nectar for pollinators as well as a food source for caterpillars and seeds for birds.

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